What Is Wrong With My Brakes?

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We all want to take care of ourselves and our families when we hit the road. The functionality of your brakes is critical when it comes to vehicle safety, so it is important to know about the potential issues that you might face with your braking system. Some damage is the result of normal wear and tear over time, but it can also result from poor driving habits. 

Here are a few things to watch out for while driving your car to be sure that your brakes are performing optimally and keeping everyone in the vehicle safe.



Over the course of your vehicle’s lifetime, the brake pads will become worn down. The easiest way to identify this problem is a loud and often high-pitched screeching that occurs whenever you apply the brakes. The sound is a result of the metal-on-metal friction that the pads protect against when slowing down. It’s time to bring your car in to take care of the pads.

The screeching could also happen because of an issue with the rotors themselves, such as glazing or uneven wear. Either way, hearing these sounds while braking means that your system has a problem, and you should bring your car in immediately to be checked out.



If you find that your vehicle is responding slowly to the brake pedal being pressed, then you may have a leak in your braking system. This puts everyone in the car and around you in danger, as it will take longer to bring the car to a full stop than usual. A leak in the brake system can expand over time and make the problem grow, so it is imperative that you book an appointment to inspect the brakes.



If your brake rotors are warped, or if the pads are contaminated with some foreign material, you will feel a vibrating or pulsing sensation when applying the brakes. This issue can worsen as time goes on if not dealt with immediately, and it can wear down the pads or rotors faster than usual. 



It normally takes a fair amount of pressure for the brakes to engage. If you discover that your brakes engage quickly with even the lightest touch, this could indicate a serious problem. It might mean that the rotors are unevenly worn, or that there is a problem with the fluid exchange. There are several other potential causes that are more severe, so be sure to have a mechanic check out your system to maintain safety standards.



The opposite of an overly sensitive brake pedal is one that you must press harder to engage the brakes. This is often a result of low brake fluid levels, or air bubbles within the brake fluid. It could also be a problem with the master cylinder that pumps fluid into the brake lines, which creates the pressure necessary to slow your vehicle. All of these issues are important to address as soon as possible.


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