What is the Difference Between Tire Alignment & Tire Balancing?


Wheel Alignment | Lou's Car Care Center, Inc.


Many people confuse tire alignment with tire balancing and vice versa. While both services provide a smoother and seamless ride, these two services are not the same. Here's what you need to know about their differences.

What is a Tire Alignment?

Tire Alignment | Lou's Car Care Center, Inc.

Tire alignments (wheel alignments) are adjustments made to a vehicle's suspension system. This is where the vehicle connects to its wheels. This is not a change to the tires themselves. Our mechanics adjust the wheel angles to make sure the tires are making proper contact with the road. 

What are the Signs of Misalignment?

  • Uneven Tread Wear
  • Vehicle Pulling to the Left or Right
  • Steering Wheel is Off-Center When Driving Straight
  • Steering Wheel Vibration
  • Squealing Tires

What is Tire Balancing?

Tire on Balancing Machine | Lou's Car Care Center, Inc.

A tire balancing service ensures the tire has an even weight distribution. And is usually performed along with a tire alignment service. Weight imbalances of just an ounce can feel like vibrations while driving. This could cause premature tread wear. At Lou's Car Care, our technicians complete a Road Force Tire Balance Service. This uses a load-roller to simulate road pressure. And identify even the slightest inconsistencies. This Balancing machine measures the amount of balance variation on your tires. Balancing weights are installed to compensate for the weight differences between the tires. 

What are the Signs of Imbalance?

  • Vibrations in Steering Wheel, Floorboards, or Seat while driving at higher speeds
  • Uneven Tire Wear
  • Bad Fuel Economy
  • Damaged Shocks and Wheel Bearings
  • Difficulty in Steering

Tire Balancing | Lou's Car Care Center, Inc.


Tire balance and alignment can affect the handling and drivability of your vehicle. These two services are essential for the prevention of premature tire tread wear. Lou’s Car Care recommends balancing and aligning your tires to help maximize their lifespan and performance. You can put trust in our technicians to restore your wheels and have you back on the road again. Call us or schedule an appointment online today!



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