How Do I Save Money On Tires?


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Tires are one of the maintenance items on a car that should be monitored regularly. Driving on worn tires is a safety hazard and could lead to additional complications with your vehicle down the road. If you’re getting ready to buy new tires, follow these 5 tips to find out how to choose tires that will fit your car and won’t break the bank.


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Tip #1: Check Your Owner’s Manual

Your Owner’s Manual is a treasure trove of information for your vehicle. The manual will tell you the appropriate size and specifications of tires for your car. You can also find this information on a placard on the inside of the driver’s side door. Do not look at the sidewall of your existing tires. They may not be the same size of tire that originally came on your car or truck.

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Putting the right size tire on your car ensures that the speedometer will be accurate. And the proper loads will be placed on the transmission and other driveline components.


Tip #2: Replace One or All Four

As you drive, the treads on your tires will wear down. Many times they wear unevenly. If you replace one tire then you will have three others that are all worn at the same or different rates. This is a safety issue and can lead to other problems with your vehicle. It is best to install a new set of tires with the same tread depths.

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Tip #3: Shop Around & Online

Don’t be afraid to price shop your tries or shop online. Once you know your tire size, you can have your local Repair Shop order tires for you or you can compare prices online. Before you accept any tire deal, read the online reviews. While it’s easy to find low prices on tires, they might wear quickly, ride poorly, or have other performance issues that explain the low cost.

Lou’s Car Care works with local tire vendors that offer great prices. Our Service Advisors price shop for you so that you have peace of mind knowing you received the best value for your tires. We also look for any manufacturer rebates available to maximize your savings.


Tip #4: Don’t Forget The Spare

Do you have a spare tire? Many people forget about the tire in the trunk. It’s important to have the spare inspected before you buy new tires. If it hasn’t been used, is in good condition, or still has decent tread on it, there’s no reason to replace it. If you’re unsure, a mechanic at Lou’s Car Care can help you with that!


Tip #5: Maintain Your Tires

You can protect your new tire purchase by getting a four-wheel alignment around the time you get your tires. Wheel misalignment is a common cause of improper tire wear. If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side or another, it can be a sign of misaligned wheels.

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Now that you have your new tires, you’ll want to take care of them. We recommend checking your tire pressures regularly. Also, inspect your tires for uneven tread wear, punctures that can lead to slow leaks, and sidewall damage.


Need help choosing the right tires for your vehicle? We can help! Call us or schedule an appointment today! Our friendly Service Team can answer any questions you may have. Serving the Baldwinsville, Syracuse, Liverpool, Camillus, North Syracuse, Fayetteville, and Manlius, NY communities since 1976!



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