What is Brake Fluid and How Does It Work?


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Whether you’re a car enthusiast or an average driver, it’s essential to understand the importance of brake fluid in your vehicle. Brake fluid is a crucial part of your car’s braking system. It helps ensure that your brakes are working when they need to. Learn more about what brake fluid is and how it works.


What Is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic liquid found in the hydraulic brake system of cars and other vehicles. It is designed to send force from the brake pedal through the brake lines to the brakes themselves. The pressure created by pressing on the pedal forces the brake fluid through small passages in the brakes. This causes them to clamp down on the discs or drums and stop the car. Without brake fluid, your brakes would not be able to perform as they should.


How Does Brake Fluid Work?

Brake fluid works by forcing pressure through lines that run from one end of your vehicle to another. When you press on the brake pedal, a valve opens and allows pressurized brake fluid to flow through those lines. And into each wheel's disc or drum brakes. The pressure created by the fluid forces each wheel's brakes to clamp down on its disc or drum. This slows down or stops the vehicle depending on how hard you press down on the pedal. This allows you to stop quickly without having to wait for each individual wheel's brakes to respond separately.

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The Type Of Brake Fluid Matters

It's important that you use only high-quality DOT 3/4/5 approved brake fluids in your vehicle. Lower-quality fluids can cause damage or failure in parts of your braking system over time. Different types of vehicles need different types of fluids. For example, a modern ABS-equipped car requires DOT 4+ compliant fluids. Older cars may need DOT 3 compliant fluids instead. Make sure you check with a mechanic before using any type of brake fluid in order for your brakes to work properly!


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Brake fluid is an essential component of a well-running car. And helps keep drivers safe on the road by providing reliable stopping power. If you have any questions about the quality of your braking system, we can help! The auto technicians at Lou's Car Care will thoroughly inspect your brake system. And give you expert advice on the next steps in the repair process.


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