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Baldwinsville Chevrolet Repair

Baldwinsville Chevrolet Repair | Lou's Car Care Center, Inc. Did you know that having the right Chevy repair services done at the right time can help save you money? Lou's Car Care Center would like to bring this to the attention of everyone in Baldwinsville. New York. We know you’ve had your fill of the prices at the pumps, and that is where we’re telling you that you can save.

If you follow your Chevy repair and maintenance schedule you can be looking at some significant savings over the life of your vehicle. Here are three simple gas cost saving benefits that everyone in Baldwinsville can have done, and that we offer here at Lou's Car Care Center:

  • You can save up to 40% by attending to serious repair issues such as a malfunctioning oxygen sensor.
  • Simply replacing a clogged up air filter can save you 10%.
  • If you thought your tires were unimportant, think again, just having them inflated properly can save you 4%.

From the complex to the simple, there are many ways that getting the right Chevy repair and maintenance service at Lou's Car Care Center can help you with. Neglecting this can be a serious problem not only for your wallet, but for the environment, and your emissions tests, as well. A poorly maintained Chevy can emit 15% more greenhouse gasses than a well maintained one, and that is a conservative estimate!

If you wait to save money and the environment, call up Lou's Car Care Center at our Baldwinsville based shop. We’re ready to help you save money!

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