Why Is Tire Tread Depth Important?


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Tires play a critical role in keeping you safe on the road. It is important to maintain your tires and check their levels of wear and tear periodically. Tire tread depth is an essential feature of tire maintenance that every vehicle owner should know. It is the measurement of the space between the top of the tire tread and the bottom of the groove that runs around the circumference of the tire. Learn more about the importance of tire tread depth, and how it impacts your safety on the road.

  • Better Traction and Grip:

Tire tread depth plays a crucial role in maintaining traction and grip on the road. The tire tread grooves are designed to channel water, snow, or mud from the tire's contact patch with the road. This helps in maintaining traction,stability, and control while driving. Tires with adequate tread depth provide better grip on wet, slippery, uneven roads.It also reduces hydroplaning risk. This is when the vehicle loses contact with the road surface due to the buildup of water.


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  • Improved Braking Performance:

The stopping distance of your vehicle depends on the quality of your tires. Tires with better tread depth provide better braking performance. The tread channels help in reducing the amount of water between the tire and the road. This improves the ability of the tire to apply braking force. Tires with lower tread depth can take longer to stop the car in an emergency situation.

  • Reduced Risk of Skidding:

Tires with low tread depth are more prone to skidding, during hard braking or acceleration. Tread grooves help disperse water, snow, or mud ensuring the vehicle remains straight on the road. Not enough tire tread compromises the vehicle's stability and control. This increases the risk of skidding or sliding.


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  • Longer Lifespan:

Neglecting tire tread depth can also reduce the tire's lifespan. And this can result in added expenses. Withproper maintenance, tires can last for several yearswithout any issues. Measure tire tread depth every 6 months and replace the tires every 6 years. Or sooner if the damage is visible or unpredictable tire wear has occurred.

  • Safety First:

The most important reason to maintain tire tread depth is to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s passengers. The tire is the only part of the vehicle in contact with the road. A tire with low tread depth is like a bald tire. It can increase the risk of accidents and put your life and that of other drivers in danger.

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Tire tread depth is a critical aspect ofvehicle maintenance. It is not only about ensuring that your tires last longer, but it also plays an important role in the safety of the vehicle's occupants. A tire with low tread depth can affect the performance of the tire. Checking tire tread depth and replacing the tires when necessary, should be a priority for every motorist. Check the tread depth every six months to ensure your tire's performance and safety on the road.


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