What Does The Recirculate Button Do?


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Have you ever noticed the recirculate button on the AC control panel in your car, truck, or SUV? The recirculation button is a common feature found in many vehicles but its purpose isn't always clear. This feature is important for both driver and passenger comfort and vehicle health. Learn more about what this button does, and why it’s important to use it properly.


The Function of the Recirculation Button

The recirculation button is actually a setting on your vehicle's air conditioning system. It redirects air from within the vehicle back into the AC system to be cooled again. This keeps the cabin cooler for longer. When you press it, your air conditioner will limit or shut off the amount of outside air it brings into the cabin. Your AC unit will continue to circulate already-cooled air within the vehicle itself. This can help maintain optimal temperatures quicker than if you were relying on outside air. It's also helpful during times when heavy pollutants are in the outside environment. Like pollen, smog, or smoke from nearby fires.


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When Should I Use The Recirculation Button?

The key to using the recirculate button is understanding when it should be used. If you need to cool down your car quickly, only use your AC system to pull in outside air. This will cool off faster than recycled air. The recirculation button will reduce the amount of external contaminants entering your car. This is useful while driving at highway speeds or in areas with high levels of pollution.

Another useful tip is activating the recirculate mode right after starting your car. Let it run for some time before turning off the function. This the inside temperatures become more comfortable. And allows your AC system more time to cool down without having to pull in hot outside air while doing so. This can also reduce outside pollutants from entering your vehicle. And improve passenger comfort and safety.


How Do I Use the Recirculation Button?

Using the recirculation button is easy. Press the button and let your AC do its job! Depending on your car model, you may need to hold down the button for a few seconds before it activates. If you don't have a recirculate button but still have an AC system, turn off any fans, including those directed at your feet. This should do the same thing. Though not as effective as using an actual recirculate button would. Also, turn off any other ventilation settings that direct airflow toward your windshield or dashboard vents.


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What Are The Benefits of Using Recirculated Air?

Using recirculated air can offer several benefits. Recirculated air helps keep pollutants out of your vehicle’s interior cabin. And keeps temperatures even throughout all parts of your car. This improves comfort levels for both driver and passengers alike! And since less energy is required to cool already-cooled air, this setting could result in improved fuel economy over time. Not to mention decreased emissions from having less energy used overall!


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Knowing how to use the recirculation setting can make all the difference! This feature can give you greater peace of mind while driving daily.


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