Top Tips To Make Your Used Car Last

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Top Tips To Make Your Used Car Last

Sudden and unexpected challenges plagued the new and used car markets over the last few years. Vehicle prices have increased while inventory has diminished. Many car owners are asking themselves, “Should I buy a new car now or wait?”. If buying another car now is not in the cards for you, check out these top tips to make your vehicle last a little longer.



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Sticking to a 30k/60k/90k mile maintenance schedule is key for making your car last for years to come. Routine maintenance is a must as parts and components will wear down and require replacement over time. Lou’s Car Care provides a multi-point, Digital Vehicle Inspection at every visit to keep you informed of all your vehicle’s needs. Our Service Team will work with you to develop a maintenance plan with your budget in mind.



Motor Oil Fill Up | Lou's Car Care Center, Inc.

Your vehicle runs on various fluids such as motor oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and more. It is important to have clean fluids flowing through your vehicle’s systems in order for your car to run properly. Regular fluid flushes and filter changes will benefit you in the long run.



Car Washing | Lou's Car Care Center, Inc.

Washing your car not only helps to preserve the paint and finish but also aids in keeping rust and corrosion underneath your vehicle at bay. Car washes are as essential to maintaining your vehicle just as a regular oil change is. A general recommendation is to wash your vehicle at least once a month. If you live in colder climates or travel long distances, washing your vehicle once a week (especially in the winter months) or twice a month will preserve your car’s integrity and keep it from rusting. It is important to consider car washing as part of the regular maintenance process in the upkeep of your vehicle.



Reckless driving can put you and your car in harm's way. Over time, harsh braking and accelerating too quickly can overwork your engine, brakes, and tires. This can lead to expensive repairs more often.



Whenever you bring your vehicle to Lou’s Car Care, you can expect our services to be done with high-quality parts and products to make your vehicle last. Don’t settle for recycled parts if you want to extend the life of your car. Warranties and protection plans take the fear out of investing in high-quality parts and products should a part fail or become compromised during the warranty period. Lou’s Car Care offers a 36 Month/ 36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty* on most parts and labor to give you peace of mind when making the right repair decisions for your vehicle. We also offer Lifetime BG Protection Plans** that cover seven major vehicle systems: fuel, engine, transmission, driveline, cooling, power steering, and brakes.


The key to prolonging the lifespan of your car is sticking to routine maintenance. Have questions? We’re happy to help! Lou’s is the right choice for all of your car care and maintenance needs. Call us or schedule an appointment online. Serving the Baldwinsville, Syracuse, Camillus, Liverpool, Cicero, Clay, Fayetteville, and Manlius, NY communities since 1976.



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