Can You Use Water Instead Of Windshield Wiper Fluid?


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Washer fluid is especially helpful in Baldwinsville, NY during the winter months. Road salt, dirt and slush spray on to your windshield from vehicles in front of you while driving. Or when pollen coats your windows in the spring. Many of us have been in a pinch after the washer fluid has run out and thought, “Can I use water instead of washer fluid?” The answer depends on your local driving area. Learn more about the pros and cons of water vs. windshield washer fluid.

  • Clear visibility is important for safe driving. While water does clean your windshield, it isn’t as effective as washer fluid. The fluid contains solvents that loosen and clean dirt and debris on your windshield. Water will likely smear the dirt and grime.
  • Water freezes and could cause damage to your tank and fluid lines. Washer fluid has anti-freezing properties that can be used during freezing temperatures.
  • Bacteria and microbes can grow in the washer fluid reservoir if you use water only. This may cause you to become sick if you trigger your washers and happen to inhale any of the spray. Washer fluid contains alcohol that will prevent any bacteria growth in the fluid lines.

You could use water only if you live in an area that is warm all year-round. Or doesn’t experience freezing temperatures. The winters in Central New York can be harsh and frigid. We recommend using a high-quality windshield washer fluid with anti-freezing properties.



*Friendly Advice from Lou’s Car Care*

Out-Of-Town Guests

Please let any out-of-town guests driving up from the southern states know that they may need washer fluid.


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