BG Brake Fluid Flush in Baldwinsville, NY


Brake Fluid Exchange Service

When it comes to driving, safety is the primary concern. Brakes are the most important component on a vehicle. Heat and moisture can cause corrosion on parts and brake fluid failure. The result is a spongy brake pedal, which can be extremely dangerous. BG’s high-quality brake products and equipment will ensure quieter brake pads and a safer, longer-lasting, and more efficient braking system.

In the BG Brake Service, the entire brake system is inspected for leaks, master cylinder corrosion, worn pneumatic parts, and harmful varnish buildup. Our technicians also look for broken or rusted bleeder valves, worn rotors & drums, and air in the brake lines. All old brake fluid is replaced with BG Heavy Duty DOT 3 or DOT 4 Brake Fluid.

BG DOT 3 & DOT 4 Brake Fluids provide the ultimate high-temperature protection and moisture resistance for all DOT 3 & DOT 4 disc and drum brake systems.

Brake systems can produce pressure up to 2000 psi. This pressure, along with extreme heat from the friction of braking, cause brake fluid to break down. This compromised brake fluid will boil at a lower temperature leaving air pockets and condensation in the brake system. Water in the brake system causes a myriad of problems such as brake deposits and varnish buildup.

BG DOT & DOT 4 Brake Fluid:

  • Protects the brake system at any temperature
  • Fights moisture
  • Provides excellent rust protection
  • Contains exceptional dryness and heavy-duty additives, making this product an effective brake system cleaner




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