BG Battery Service in Baldwinsville, NY

We were all taught to turn our vehicle lights off to preserve the battery power for the next time we need to start our vehicle. But did you know that corrosion can accumulate around the battery posts and slowly drain your battery? If left undetected, this can leave you stranded. A slow engine crank and battery warning light on your dashboard can be signs you may need to have your battery looked at.

Your car’s battery provides energy to power your vehicle’s electronic system. This includes the air conditioning system, sound system, and more. Your battery also stores energy to help turn on the car. The alternator in your car continues to generate electrons to keep powering the battery. Once your car is running, a series of reactions start in the battery, generating electricity. If your electronic components are functioning erratically, an auto technician at Lou’s Car Care can help. We can inspect and test your car battery to find out what’s causing your issue.

The BG Battery Service at Lou’s Car Care can help stretch the lifespan of your battery. This service involves removing corrosion and cleaning battery terminals and cable connections. It also provides ongoing protection by adding a special sealer and terminal protectors to the battery posts.

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