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Why Do I Need to Flush My Coolant?

Antifreeze, or Engine Coolant, is a liquid that mixes with water to help prevent your vehicle’s engine from freezing or over-heating in extreme temperatures. Believe it or not, Baldwinsville, NY has extreme weather.  Antifreeze and Coolant change the freezing and boiling points of water. When Coolant is mixed with water (usually at a 50/50 ratio) in the vehicle’s Radiator, the water will no longer freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit but rather freeze at temperatures colder than -35 degrees Fahrenheit. The boiling point of water alone is typically 212 degrees Fahrenheit. When antifreeze is mixed with water, the boiling point now increases to 223 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to replace most fluids in your vehicle regularly. Engine Coolant will break down over time and lose the ability to help maintain the Engine’s optimum temperature and prevent corrosion. Dirt, scale and rust particles floating inside older Coolant can clog your Radiator and cause your ve ... read more

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